3614_0 - Flexible LED Strip Green (5m)


Product Description


The 3614 is a 5 meter long, 8 mm wide, flexible LED strip with adhesive backing which can be cut in multiples of 3-LED sections. The strip contains 300 green LEDs with a light beam of 120°.

The strip requires between 9 to 12 Volts DC and consumes 1.3A when running at 12V and 206mA when running at 9V.

Caution: Running the strip at more than 12V can damage the LEDs.


Product Specifications


Light Properties

Emitting Color Green
Dominant Wavelength 525 nm
Luminous Intensity 1.1 cd
Beam Angle 120°


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 9 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 12 V DC
Current Consumption Min 200 mA
Current Consumption Max 1.3 A


Physical Properties

Strip Length 5 m
LEDs per Reel 300


Comes in an Antistatic pouch containing one 5 meter LED strip.




The LED strip can be attached to:


For Detailed instructions on how to connect your LED strip to Phidgets, look at the User Guide.

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