3531_0 - Optical Rotary Encoder HKT22


This low-cost encoder is designed to fit on the rear shaft of our stepper motors. Measure the rotation of your motor even when it stalls or missteps.

Product Description


This compact, economical optical quadrature encoder can be attached to the 4mm rear shaft of a motor. It has 300 counts (full quadrature cycles) per rotation and can be installed by fitting it over the shaft, mounting it to the back of the motor, and tightening the set-screw. For complete assembly instructions, take a look at the User Guide. This encoder does not support the use of an index channel.


The mounting holes on the HKT22 encoder line up with the holes on the back of any rear-shaft stepper motor sold at Phidgets, Inc. It can also attach to the following DC motors (please note that it must be this exact revision):

It connects to any of the following interface boards via the included cable:





Product Specifications


Encoder Properties

Output Circuit Type Push-Pull (Single-Ended)
Encoder Resolution 300 CPR


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5 V DC
Output Frequency Max 30 kHz


Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter 4 mm
Operating Humidity Min 30 %RH
Operating Humidity Max (Non-condensing) 85 %RH
Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
IP Rating IP40
Weight 4 g


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