3588_0 - CE-IB04-35A2-1.0/±100A DC Current Transducer


This bi-directional current transducer measures ±100 amps DC on a wire that passes through its window.

Product Description


The CE-IZ04-35 series of DC transducers are a set of hall-effect based sensors that can measure the amount of current flowing through a wire simply by threading the wire through the sensor's window. You can thread the same wire through multiple times and divide the result by the number of times it's been threaded through in order to achieve higher resolution. This sensor can measure Current in either direction; from -100 to 100 Amps. A bi-directional current sensor is ideal for applications when the direction of the current is not guaranteed to always flow the same way- for example, you could measure the current output of a battery, and also monitor the current consumed by the battery when it is charging. You can convert from SensorValue with the following formula (SensorValue is equal to the return voltage of the sensor multiplied by 200):

Current (A) = (SensorValue * 0.2) - 100

This sensor requires a ±12V power supply. You can use the 1145 – 5V to ±12V Sensor Adapter as a simple option to connect to a Phidget InterfaceKit.



This sensor connects to the 1145 - 5 to ±12V Sensor Adapter. The cable used to connect these devices comes with the 1145.


The 1145 - 5 to ±12V Sensor Adapter connects to any device with an Analog Input.

Device Pinout:


Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Current
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
Input Current Min -100 A
Input Current Max 100 A
Current Measurement Resolution 200 mA
Measurement Error Max 1 %
Sensor Response Time Max 7 μs


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage ± 12 V DC
Current Consumption Max 25 mA
Output Voltage Min 0 V DC
Output Voltage Max 5 V DC


Physical Properties

Wire Window Size 23 mm
Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
Operating Temperature Max 80 °C