3147_0 - Full-bridge Aluminum Strain Gauge (Bag of 2)


Designed for aluminum structures, this strain gauge comes in the full-bridge configuration.

Product Description


A strain gauge is a small sensor whose resistance changes depending on the strain experienced by the structure it is attached to. They are similar to Load Cells, but are useful for applications where the structure has already been built. For example, you could use a strain gauge and a 1046 – PhidgetBridge 4-Input to measure the strain on various segments of the chassis of a robot or vehicle.

For more information on the different types of strain gauges and how to properly install them, have a look at our Strain Gauge Primer.



This strain gauge is designed to be used with aluminum structures. It can be used with other materials, but using aluminum alloys will result in the lowest sensitivity to changes in temperature.

This is a full-bridge strain gauge. For more information on bridge circuits, see the Strain Gauge Primer.

Comes Packaged with:


  • Stamp of eight solder pads

Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Full-bridge Strain Gauge


Electrical Properties

Resistance Value (per quarter-bridge) 1 kΩ


Physical Properties

Backing Material Phenolic Resin
Active Area Length 3 mm







The 3147 connects to a bridge input on the 1046 – PhidgetBridge 4-Input.


For more information on how to properly attach a strain gauge, see the Strain Gauge Primer.