3140_0 - S Type Load Cell (0-500kg) - CZL301


This S-type load cell measures compressive or tensile forces up to 500kg and connects to a bridge input.

Product Description


A load cell is a force sensing module - a carefully designed metal structure, with small elements called strain gauges mounted in precise locations on the structure. Load cells are designed to measure a specific type of force, and ignore other forces being applied. This S-Type load cell can be operated in compression or tension with up to 500 kilograms of force. The electrical signal output by the load cell is very small and requires specialized amplification. Fortunately, the 1046 PhidgetBridge will perform all the amplification and measurement of the electrical output.




The 3140 connects to a bridge on the 1046 – PhidgetBridge 4-Input



The following table shows how to connect the Load Cell Wires to the bridge connectors.


Wire Color Red Green White Black/Yellow
Bridge Connector 5V + - GND



Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Compression/Tension Load Cell
Weight Capacity Max 500 kg
Maximum Overload 750 kg


Electrical Properties

Output Impedance 350 Ω
Supply Voltage Min 9 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 12 V DC


Physical Properties

Compensated Temperature Min -10 °C
Compensated Temperature Max 40 °C
Operating Temperature Min -20 °C
Operating Temperature Max 55 °C
Cable Length 3 m
Cable Gauge 5x 22 AWG
Material Alloy Steel
IP Rating IP66
Screw Thread Size M12
Weight 603 g

See the included calibration certificate for precise values.