3915_0 - T5577 RFID Tag - PVC Card


A credit card sized T5577 RFID tag. Fits in standard wallets. Needs to be written to before use.

Product Description


This RFID tag encased in a glossy white plastic card fits conveniently into a wallet and is ideal for access control or member tracking applications.

This is a blank tag- its ID must be chosen and written using the 1024 - PhidgetRFID Read/Write or another T5577 compatible reader. It cannot be read with the 1023 - PhidgetRFID unless it has already been written as an EM4102 tag.

Product Specifications


Tag Properties

Protocol T5577
Tag Characteristics Passive, Read/Write
Transmission Frequency 125 kHz
Typical Read/Write Distance
(with 1024 - PhidgetRFID R-W)
120 mm


Physical Properties

Material PVC Plastic
Color White
Thickness 800 μm
Weight 5.5 g
IP Rating IP67


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