1136_0 - Differential Gas Pressure Sensor ±2 kPa


This differential gas pressure sensor plugs into an analog input and measures pressure from -2 kPa to 2 kPa.

Product Description


The 1136 Differential Pressure Sensor is a dual ported gas pressure sensor that measures the pressure difference between the two ports. It can measure both positive and negative pressure from –2 kPa to +2 kPa.


Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Gas Pressure (Differential)
Sensor Output Type Ratiometric
Pressure Differential Min -2 kPa
Pressure Differential Max 2 kPa
Case Pressure Max 75 kPa
Pressure Resolution 5 Pa
Measurement Error Max ± 6.5 %
Warm-up Time 20 ms
Response Time Max 1 ms


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 4.8 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
Current Consumption Max 10 mA
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Output Voltage Min 500 mV DC
Output Voltage Max 4.5 V DC


Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min 10 °C
Operating Temperature Max 60 °C
Recommended Tubing Size 3 mm




warning This sensor is designed to measure the pressure of clean, non-condensing air. Contact with moist air (i.e, human breath), dusty air, or other gases can damage the sensor.




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