1067_0 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC


Accurately control one bipolar stepper motor with this controller. This board comes with a number of safety features.

Product Description


The 1067 – PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC allows you to control the position, velocity, and acceleration of one bipolar stepper motor. This is the product you want to use to control larger industrial steppers or for applications that need a lot of torque.

The 1067 can also be used in applications that require very precise positioning. It uses micro-stepping at all times to ensure smooth acceleration.

This board is USB isolated, protecting your system from ground loops, and comes with a built-in replacable ATP Blade Terminal fuse to protect against an over-current scenario.


Previous Versions of the 1067

The 1067 replaces our previous bipolar stepper controller, the 1063_1 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor. The following features have changed:

  • Increased maximum velocity and acceleration, allowing you to drive your stepper motor even faster
  • Increased available motor current for larger motors
  • Added safety features such as power isolation and a fuse for surge protection
  • Now micro-steps at all speeds for smoother acceleration
  • Removed motor current sensing
  • Removed digital inputs


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Recommended Accessories

Power Supplies:



Comes Packaged with




We do not carry enclosures for the 1067_0, because motor controllers are prone to overheating when kept in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time with no airflow.




warning Make sure the power supply is unplugged before attaching or removing wires from the terminal blocks. Failure to do so could cause permanent damage to the PhidgetStepper board.

When using larger motors with heavy loads or high speeds, you should take caution because the back EMF generated when stalling or changing directions could damage the motor controller. As a rule of thumb, if the kinetic energy of your application exceeds 10 joules, you are at risk of damaging the controller. Feel free to contact us for advice for such applications.

Product Specifications


Controller Properties

API Object Name Stepper
Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Number of Motor Ports 1
Motor Position Resolution 116 Step (40-Bit Signed)
Position Max ± 1E+15 1/16 steps
Stepper Velocity Resolution 1 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Velocity Max 250000 1/16 steps/sec
Stepper Acceleration Resolution 1 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Min 2 1/16 steps/sec²
Stepper Acceleration Max 1E+07 1/16 steps/sec²


Electrical Properties

Available Current per Coil Max 4 A
Supply Voltage Min 10 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 30 V DC
Current Consumption Min 25 mA
USB Speed Full Speed


Physical Properties

Power Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm Center Positive
Recommended Wire Size (Motor Terminal) 12 to 26 AWG
Recommended Wire Size (Power Terminal) 12 to 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min -20 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C


Previous Versions of the 1067

The 1067 is based on the 1063_1 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor Board Revision 1