ASSR-1228-002E MOSFET Relay

The ASSR-1228-002E is a Standard Solid State Relay with DPST-NO contacts and through hole terminals. This ASSR-12-series 2-form-A relay (Photo MOSFET) with an AlGaAs infrared light-emitting diode (LED) input stage optically coupled to a high-voltage output detector circuit. The detector with a high-speed photovoltaic diode array and driver circuitry to switch on/off two discrete high voltage MOSFETs. The relay turns on (contact closes) with a minimum input current of 3mA through the input LED. The relay turns off (contact opens) with an input voltage of 0.8V or less. The dual channel configuration is equivalent to 2-form-A electromechanical relays (EMR). Their transient immunity of more than 1kV/µs and excellent noise rejection between input-output as well as between open terminals on the output will laminate undesirable transient effects.
  • Compact solid-state bi-directional signal switch
  • High-speed optically isolated MOSFET output
  • Reinforced insulation of 3.75kV with fast switching speed
  • Low on-resistance (0.25R typical for DC, 1R typical for AC/DC)
  • 5ms Turn-on/turn-off maximum time
  • -40 to 85°C Operating temperature range

Product Specifications, Documents & More

  • Contact Configuration: DPST-NO
  • Forward Current If: 20mA
  • Isolation Voltage: 3.75kV
  • Load Current: 200mA
  • Load Voltage Max: 60V
  • MSL: -
  • On State Resistance Max: 10ohm
  • Relay Terminals: Through Hole
  • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jun-2015

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