Polymorph thermoplastic 100g

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Polymorph thermoplastic can be reduced to a mouldable condition by immersion in hot water of around 60ºC. The material then turns from opaque to a clear substance. When warm and in mouldable condition it can be easily shaped into anything you like. After cooling down the material hardens. The material also turns from clear to opaque again. When fully cooled it is strong, stiff and tough. In appearance and physical properties it is very similar to nylon and can be sawn, drilled and cut.

The material is wonderful to make that one unqiue item you miss to fit MakerBeam.

We used it to make a stand for MakerBeam with bearings. The picture is shown here again. We sell packages containing 100g of material and you can make more than just the stand. It is just shown here to give an example of what can be done. You can make all sorts of additions that suit your MakerBeam construction.

Polymorph is non hazardous material and fully biodegradable.

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Manufacturer Emmeshop


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