SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP Adapter

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The SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP Adapter is a double-side board that allows the mounting of 8-20 pin SSOP ICs on one side or the mounting of 8-20 pin SOIC ICs on the other side; in both cases all the signals are broken out through two 0,1” (2,54mm) standard spacing headers that have a 0,6” DIP standard spacing.

This Adapter grants a very simple way to use commercial components sold only in SSOP and SOIC formats with standard breadboards, sockets and protoboards.

The SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP Adapter is provided complete with 2 standard spacing headers required to a correct use of the board.


Dimensions 1,0” x 0,7” (25,4mm x 17,78mm)
Weight 0,05 oz (1,4 g) (without connectors)
SOIC pitch 0,05” (1,27mm)
SOIC body 0,295” (7,5mm)
SSOP pitch 0,025” (0,635mm)
SSOP body 0,209” (5,3mm)


datasheet (english version)

datasheet (italian version)

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SKU ES000572
Manufacturer Microbot


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