Wheel Encoders

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This encoders are designed for DFRobot 3PA and AWD Rovers.  It can give you the rotation degree of the wheels. Encoder uses non-contact method to convert the angular displacement signals. Best fit with Micro DC Geared Motor.It includes encoders, plastic tube, paper-mediated gasket etc.

  • Voltage:+5V
  • Current:<20mA
  • Resolution:20 PPR
  • Weight:20g
  • M3*5 screws     x2
  • M3*50 screws    x4
  • Rubber ring     x4
  • Washer          x4
  • Plastic cover   x4
  • Grating disk    x2
  • Digital cable   x2

Additional Information

SKU ES000530
Manufacturer DFRobot


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