3523_0 - Lanbao CR18SCN08DNO Capacitive Proximity Sensor - 8mm


Product Features

This capacitive sensor can detect metals and some other materials within 8mm and behaves like a switch that connects to a digital input.

Product Description


This capacitive proximity sensor is used for non-contact detection of metallic and non-metallic objects such as liquid, powder and granular materials; it can also detect materials through glass or plastic walls.

Note that the standard detecting distance is based on a standard shape approaching the sensor in a standard way. The real detecting distance will vary depending on the shape, thickness and type of material being detected.

You can adjust the operating distance by turning a screw placed on the side of the sensor.


Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Detecting Distance Max 8 mm
Setting Distance Max 6.4 mm
Sensor Type Proximity (Capacitive)
Sensor Output Switch Type Normally Open
Detection Hysteresis Min 3 %
Detection Hysteresis Max 20 %
Sensor Response Time Max 20 ms


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 10 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 30 V DC
Current Consumption Max 15 mA
Protection Circuitry Reverse Polarity, Surge, Overload and Short-Circuit


Physical Properties

Cable Length 2 m
Material PBT
Operating Indicator Yellow LED
IP Rating IP67
Length 78 mm
Diameter 18 mm
Operating Temperature Min -25 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C
Operating Humidity Min 35 %RH
Operating Humidity Max 95 %RH


Comes packaged with


  • 2 plastic rings
  • a screwdriver




This sensor connects to any device with a Digital Input.

This is how you connect the 3523 to a Phidget board that does not have 12V power such as the 1018, 1012, 1202, and 1203 using our 12VDC Power Supply:

  • Connect the +12 wire from the Power Supply (that's the one with the white line) to the 3523 Brown wire.
  • Connect the 3523 Black wire to a Digital Input on the 1018.
  • Connect the Power supply Ground Wire and the 3523 Blue wire to the Digital Input Ground connector on the 1018.

Note: When the 3523 is connected to a 1012, it will behave as a Normally Close (NC) sensor instead of Normally Open (NO).

For boards that have power input, if the supplied power is within 12-24VDC, the +V line can be connected to the terminal block, powering the sensor from the Phidget. The 1019, 1073, all accept external power.