3100_0 - 8″ FlexiForce 0-1lb. Resistive Force Sensor


Product Features

This thin FlexiForce sensor is compact and easy to integrate. Requires the Flexiforce adapter and measures up to 1 lb of force.

Product Description


The FlexiForce sensor is an ultra-thin and flexible printed circuit, which can be easily integrated into most applications. With its paper-thin construction, flexibility and force measurement ability, the FlexiForce force sensor can measure force between almost any two surfaces and is durable enough to stand up to most environments.

FlexiForce has better force sensing properties, linearity, hysteresis, drift, and temperature sensitivity than any other thin-film force sensors.

The "active sensing area" is a 0.375” diameter circle at the end of the sensor.



This FSR connects to the 1120 - FlexiForce Adapter, which in turn connects to any device with an Analog Input.




Product Specifications


Sensor Properties

Sensor Type Force Sensitive Resistor
Force Min 0 N
Force Max 4.4 N
Non-Linearity Max ± 3 %
Repeatability Error Max ± 2.5 %
Hysteresis Max 4.5 %
Long-Term Drift Max 5 %
Response Time Max 5 μs
Temperature Sensitivity Max 0.36 % per °C


Physical Properties

Sensing Area 71.3 mm²
Lifespan 1 million actuations
IP Rating IP64
Operating Temperature Min -9 °C
Operating Temperature Max 60 °C