1065_0 - PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor


Product Features

Control one motor as well as an encoder and up to 2 analog and 2 digital sensors. Connects to a USB port.

Product Description


The 1065 lets you control the direction, velocity and acceleration of one DC Motor. The motor is powered by an external power supply (9 to 28VDC).


Brushed DC Motors are very simple to understand, but very difficult to control precisely. By applying a voltage, or pulsing a voltage rapidly, at the terminals of the motor, current flows through the motor, and it will begin rotating. Depending on the direction of the current, the motor will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. The 1065 changes the effective voltage by changing the percentage of time the full supply voltage is applied to the motor. By switching the voltage very quickly (a technique called PWM), the controller is made smaller, more efficient, and cheaper.


Rough control of actual motor speed can be achieved automatically in software by using the Back EMF property, or current sensing.


Precise control of DC motors can be achieved by using encoders. You can implement control loops through software by using the data provided by the on-board digital inputs, analog inputs and encoder input. There is an event that triggers every 16 ms that returns the back-EMF value for the attached motor, which can be very useful for PID control. For more information, see the API in the User Guide.


The 1065 also provides over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection to insure that the board and motor is not damaged.


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We do not carry enclosures for the 1065_0, because motor controllers are prone to overheating when kept in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time with no airflow.

Product Specifications


Controller Properties

API Object Name MotorControl
Motor Type DC Motor
Number of Motor Ports 1
Velocity Resolution 0.39 % Duty Cycle
Acceleration Resolution 0.39 % Duty Cycle/s
Acceleration Min 24.5 % Duty Cycle/s
Acceleration Max 6250 % Duty Cycle/s
Acceleration Time Min 32 ms
Acceleration Time Max 8.2 s


Encoder Interface

Number of Encoder Inputs 1
Count Rate Max 500000 cycles/s
Encoder Interface Resolution x1
Update Rate 125 samples/s
Time Resolution 0.33 ms
Encoder Input Low Voltage Max 800 mV DC
Encoder Input High Voltage Min 2.1 V DC
Encoder Pull-up Resistance 2.4 kΩ


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min 9 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 28 V DC
Continuous Motor Current Max 5 A
Overcurrent Trigger 8 A
Current Consumption Min 20 mA
Current Consumption Max 100 mA
USB Speed Full Speed


Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size (Power Terminal) 12 - 24 AWG
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C


Analog Inputs

Number of Analog Inputs 2
Input Impedance 900 kΩ
5V Reference Error Max 0.5 %
Update Rate 125 samples/s


Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs 2
Pull-up Resistance 15 kΩ
Low Voltage Max (True) 800 mV DC
High Voltage Min (False) 2.1 V DC
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min 4 s
High Voltage Trigger Length Min 16 s
Digital Input Voltage Max ± 15 V DC
Digital Input Update Rate 125 samples/s
Recommended Wire Size 16 - 26 AWG